When The Children Are Pretended By Friends, What Should I Do?

Be pretended by friends is a universal problem. When their children say that they were pretended by friends but the mother can’t do anything, so I feel uncomfortable and upset. For this, some people may think that it is simple, but some people think it is difficult because there are many involved, such as my children, friends who pretend my children, parents of children’s friends and teacher. If you use emotional judgment problems, problems may escalate. So I have a suggestion for you.

What can you do?

1. Calm down When you calm down, the brain will solve the problem and use the reason to negotiate better.

2. See the intensity of the situation at that moment, and check the body and mind of your children. If not serious, start with your children and the teacher is next, but your child can not handle it, consult a teacher.

3. Ask the teacher to see and supervise your child. Ask the teacher how to solve this problem, so that the mother will be analyzed and find a solution to this problem.

4. If the teacher does not care and does not solve the problem, you may need to consult a school administrator but you have to be calm and not in a hurry.

5. Make friends and get to know other parents. When problems arise, they can be talked more easily because you and they are familiar before.

Teach your children to know, How to survive.

You cannot protect your children at all the time, So they have to protect them self.

1. Teach your children to express that they are not afraid of friends when talking, make eye contact. If your child were teased by friends again, tell friends you don’t like, please don’t do it again. Teach children to be strong because children who are self-defence are often not pretended.

2. Teach your child to stay away from a bad friend and friends who like to pretend others.

3. Teach your children to choose good friends and not to go anywhere alone. Be kind and gentle to everyone.

4. Train your children to be patient and not easy to angry. When has a child comes to pretend your child then your child is not interested, they feel that it’s not fun and will stop pretending.

5. Teach them to tell their teachers when they can’t do.

6. Take children to society, take to play with relatives or activities that children like. It is a practice to give children the opportunity to socialize and create a variety of experiences and make your child knows how to deal with it, how to act and how to avoid with people of different types.

If you use bullying methods to friends of your children, The issue may not have been resolved, but it may also cause new problems. I think this solution depends on the situation and the people involved and peace is the best way.

Been pretended by friends, Sometimes it’s a big problem, and sometimes it’s just a little bit, Our children can solve the problem on their own. Better than that, Children can solve problems and return to good friends with each other, by the parents don’t do anything.

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