Children Speak Politely. Good To Mother’s Heart, Good To The Child.

It is true that when the child speaks sweetly, it will make us feel good.

I have two children who are not the same habit. Louvre has a calm temperament but Deedy will be a little bit hotter. But no matter how different emotions if they polite, I think they cute. Or even when I see other children speak politely, I still feel good.

Deedy will call Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, and Grandma, which it’s not due to forced speech. Previously I used to teach her to call me Mommy at the time, she wants me do something. And I also teach my daughter that if we speak politely, everyone is willing to help you but if you don’t talk politely, no one wants to do anything for you.

The good atmosphere can help.

Maybe it’s because the people in the house no one speaks impolite, no one has used the word rough. So parenting is important.

If we want them to talk politely, people in the home must be good examples, children will learn. When brother speaks politely, sister will speak politely too. It is natural to learn that we don’t need to train or reiterate with him often. The information I’ve found is that the Children learn from the actions of adults better than the training and ready to imitate immediately. If the family speaks politely and wants the children to speak politely, that’s the right way.

The children will not say rude, right?

I always worry about my kids that they may use impolite words or vulgar words because homes are not their only world. Children also have a world outside, have a social life, have friends and have a school, children watching television and Internet access. When they hear new words, they will remember and rude words come from the environment around the child.

If the child speaks impolite, I will tell them not to say this because when say this word, it makes people angry or sad. Explain to them what words should be used and which words should not. Speak calmly and don’t say repetitively.

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