How To Get Your Kids To Take Care Of Their Teeth

Brushing with the baby, it’s like playing the chasing game, sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard. I believe no parents want to see the baby teeth decay. But what to do?
Let’s see the trick.

1. A good example starts with parents because children often like to imitate adults. When it’s time to brush of parents’ teeth like the time before going to bed, try to persuade your baby come to brush teeth together. The key is to make a comfortable atmosphere, explain what he should do and show that normally his parents do this every day, twice a day. And Parents should show how to brush properly and spend time brushing their teeth to let your baby knows that brushing and oral health are important. To create a good habit for the baby

2. Tell the story that reinforces the habit of maintaining healthy teeth. At present, there are a lot of storybook manufacturers that trying to make children understand the benefits of brushing. You can buy it at the bookstore, such as tales of Gung-Ging toothache or try to choose a book that describes the teeth as a simple illustration to children

3. Give your baby chooses a toothbrush and toothpaste with them self. Such as a boy may not like strawberry toothpaste.

4. Singing between brush teeth. Oral health treatment has to brush the teeth at least 2 minutes, twice a day. So we should use these 2 minutes to be useful by making it fun. Trying to teach children to sing a song, whether it’s an ABC song or the song is designed to make children love to brush their teeth.

5. Play the game or play a role as a doctor. Let the children take the doll to brush their teeth or play as a patient to create a familiarity with the real situation. When the children go to see the dentist, the children will know what to do and don’t feel afraid of the dentist.

6. Give the reward but not Money or toys. But the mother can make ‘the baby love to brush’ table from the calendar and give sticker star every time the baby cooperates to brush. When the sticker is full, Parents may give a Surprise Baby Award In return for the baby well done.

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