Dust, Smoke, Air Pollution And Germs But You Can Still Healthy With Airfree

Recently, there are many dust, smoke, air pollution and germs. These are surrounding around us all the time even if we are in the house and a bedroom. These are the one of health hazards and our respiratory system including allergies, lung disease and they also cause of various diseases.

Let me introduce you about our new member “AirFree)

Why choose AirFree? 

I am allergy who is sensitive to allergens or stimulus. The symptoms are a nasal congestion, sneezing and snotting. Perhaps, I get a rash on my skin and conjunctivitis. I always have a fever. According to my work, I have to work outside that is a risk of infection with other people and environment. So, I do not want my family contact a disease. I have 2 small children who are starting go to school. They might get sick when they go to school and go back home. If someone in the house has a cold, I do not want other members get sick as well. So, if there are anything that can reduce the risk of colds or germs, I will not hesitate to buy it for my family. Then, AirFree is a great option to get rid of germs in a house.

I chose AIRFREE model P150. It is suitable for room 60 sq.m. I chose this model because my bedroom is quite wide space. The machine is 1.27 kg. It is lightweight, very small but the small design is outstanding in the corner of the house.

This machine uses only 52 watts (it’s very low power consumption). AirFree is imported from Portugal in Europe. It distributes in more than 50 countries around the world. Moreover, AirFree is the best air purifiers in the USA as well. This ensures that it is safe and reached the EU standards. AirFree is credible because it has been tested and proven the efficiency from dozens of labs around the world that it can be eliminated microbes, germs and allergens within seconds. It is not low-cost brand but it is an international standard brand that I assure its quality and performance.

AirFree is an air purifier which effectively eliminates germs, dusts, bacterias and allergens. Its performance is up to 99.99%. The AirFree features come with TSS (Thermodynamic Sterilizing System) technology that is heat-activated. The air in the machine is heat at 200 degrees to get rid of the virus and germs. AirFree has been certificated by INETI and other laboratory in many institutions. Air Free effectively avoid and eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens including mites, pets, pollen and cigarette smoke.

The dominant feature of AirFree is inside the machine, it does not use any filter. So, we can use it without any needs to replace the air filter. It saves cost of maintenance so much … The common air purifier has to change the filter every 6 months and it is very expensive too!. Another great feature of AirFre is that it does not require any maintenance.There is no need to change filters or moving parts. Brilliant!!!!

The way to use AirFree is not difficult at all. You just plug it in and the machine starts up within 15 minutes. Initially, the machine will begin to suck germs in the air to the bottom of machine. Then, it bring the air through a heat axis with up to 200 degrees Celsius. The heat is going to get rid of germs, viruses, bacteria and fungus. At the end, it will release good air on the top of the machine.

Moreover,  the machine doesn’t have  motor and fan,. So it works completely silent, I confirmed. It is very low power consumption. You do not have to worry about the waste of electricity. AirFree can open 24 hours without unplugging it. Don’t worry about the heat because the machine has automatically cut off electric supply. When the heat is up to 200 degrees Celsius, the machine will cool down itself.

The machine has a brightness control system with a touch on and off power on the machine. No worry about disturbance from light when you are sleeping.

After using AirFree for a while, I feel the change in it. As I am allergic and there are also pets in the house which are treated in the same room. (I am animal lovers). Normally, I always sneeze and irritate my eyes but after I used AirFree in my bedroom, I was impressive. The bad smell in the room and the smell of dogs were gone. The air in the room is fresher. It is no the smell of dog anymore. I have a problem with allergies already … the doctor. The treatment was not better than it was.

As I am allergic reaction,I got sick sometimes. I am often respiratory infections like nasal congestion and sputum in yellow colour. I have to take antibiotic medicines often. Nevertheless, there is no allergic reaction, nasal congestion and sputum afterI use AirFree. It make me sleep well.  If I continuously use this AirFree, I and family will be healthier and the air in the house will be clean and pure as well.

I would like to conclude that AirFree is suitable for children, pregnant woman and people who are allergies and respiratory diseases. AirFree will help you kill germs and make symptoms better. I recommend to buy AirFree to see the better quality of life. I am very happy to meet AirFree as it makes my allergic reaction better. That is a worthwhile investment for the health of children and family because we can not use other nose to breathe. We can build good environment and fresh air. However, just wiping and rubbing are not enough. AirFree is recommended. I assure that you will be healthy.

Let’s watch the video.

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