If The Mother Has Hyperactivity, Does The Baby Have Hyperactivity Too ?

Many parents have heard the word “Hyper child”, right? “Hyper child” is the name of the symptoms of children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disordes). It has symptoms Hyperactivity, Impulsive, moody, can’t stay calm for a long time. Which many mothers may have Hyperactive before pregnancy and worry that this will affect the baby or cause the baby to become hyperactive. Let’s get to know the cause of Hyperactive Disorders to answer every question and relieve anxiety.

Cause the baby is hyperactive or ADHD.

1. Birth defects during pregnancy.

2. The symptoms of brain disorders that affect the concentration Control, such as concussion

3. Infants get insufficient nutrients to nourish the body and brain.

4. The mother drinks alcoholic, which this behavior that shouldn’t be done because there is a risk that baby will be disabled.

For questions you are concerned. Is the mother hyper effect to the baby?

Hyperactive or ADHD is caused by a disorder of the brain that is not known for a certain cause. However, from the current scientific and medical data found Hyperactive Disorders can be transmitted genetically and will be even more risky if the mother drink alcohol while pregnant or have problems during childbirth. Such as Premature labor or Infants lack oxygen at birth. So you don’t have to worry, although the mother is hyperactive, there is a low chance of passing to the baby, unless the mother has behavior that increases the risk.

When the kids is hyperactive, how to adjust the behavior?

1. Set up a schedule to train your kid to concentrate on what to do. Such as reading tables, eating tables, playing time tables, class time tables, etc.

2. In free time, the mother should encourage her children to do activities or hobbies rather than watching television or playing games.

3. Provide an appropriate home environment and no distractions for children. Such as Organize your whole house and Stay away from noise, etc.

Hyperactive Disorders are not as scary as thought. Just the mother understands and acts correctly during pregnancy, it can reduce the risk of Hyperactive Disorders to the baby. Even our children have Hyperactive Disorders or ADHD. I believe that when many mothers know how to change the behavior of children to be more static, it will greatly reduce the Hyperactive in children.

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