How To Deal A Migraine Headache During Pregnancy!?

Migraine headache is a severe headache and can occur in people of all ages, including pregnant mothers. Especially pregnant moms who are sensitive to both internal and external changes can make migraine headaches easier than usual. How do we deal with this intense pain? So let’s see how to take the way to deal with a migraine for you all

The time we were pregnant. Many people come across strange symptoms happens to the body differently. Migraines are another common symptom that occurring frequently. Because our brains are more sensitive to stimulation of the environment. Cause contraction of the arteries or vascular inflammation to migraine headaches suddenly. But don’t worry, migraine will be in the first phase of pregnancy and symptoms will improve accordingly. However, there may be pain again in during the latter part of pregnancy

For those who worry about the pain of migraine during pregnancy. Let’s see how it can help you to get better.

  1. Observe yourself that there are risk factors that trigger migraine. Because each mom’s stimulus will vary, such as hot or cold weather, being in a place Air In the area where there are crowded. Including the food we eat. Spicy food or Foods with high sugar and beverage. These are the factors that can cause migraines during pregnancy.
  2. Chill out, Sleeping enough and not stressful. Most moms like to worry and have stress during pregnancy.Stress is a good trigger for migraine.Therefore, we must keep the mood and keep the mind always bright.
  3. Medication to reduce pain. You can take paracetamol or aspirin to relieve migraine. But should use only when the pain is aggravated. Should not eat at normal or no pain.Although it is not dangerous drugs, but you should take medicine as recommended by the doctor only. Medication that you should not use when migraine pain is an antibiotic drug that does not contain steroids such as Ibuprofen,Diclofenac include Ponstan. It may have side effects on the baby in our womb.

Migraine during pregnancy is not a big concern. It is a symptom that can happen to all mothers. Let’s just know how to deal with it and how to avoid the risk that it will trigger the pain. Just like this, you will be able to face migraine without having to worry about it.

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