7 Things Parent Should Becareful In The Raining Season.

This year, rain is pouring down almost every day until some roads become canal. The problem with the car is flooding and parents are not forgetting the dangerous disease that comes with it. Many types of germs that cause making children get sick

Immunity children are not as strong as adults. We need to take care of him and watch him closely. If your children are not fine, you can take to the doctor immediately.

What are Parents should protect their children from disease and harm in the rainy season


Symptoms – Common cold, fever, chills, headache, and fatigue may include nausea, vomiting and eye redness.

Concern for influenza is that young children may have complications such as pneumonia, severe infection. If it is heavy, it may be fatal, If the symptoms are untrustworthy. Such as high fever, lethargy, fatigue, eating not much, cough, etc. should be taken to the doctor.


Symptoms – fever over 3 days, headache, eye pain and redness, fatigue, abdominal pain and may vomit.

Don’t wait for the heavy symptoms to see the doctor. If you suspect, you should go to the doctor immediately. Water Logged is a good source of mosquitoes. Mosquito is a contagion of Dengue. If you have fishponds, pet guppy fish to help eat the larvae. Do not let your children play outside. In the place that light is very low, the wind does not blow. There have a lot of mosquitoes.


Symptoms – May has these symptoms. Such as coughing, often with phlegm, fever, chest pain and tiredness.

Young children under the age of 5 years are more likely to develop pneumonia more than older children and adult. It is interesting that children who are breastfeeding are immune to this disease better than getting influenza. Being in poorly ventilated areas, have dust or smoke. Do not get some or all of the vaccines. The Early symptoms are similar to flu. If the fever is high, cough, tired, don’t eat food and drink. Should take them to see the doctor.

Diarrhea or diarrheal

Symptoms – Diarrhea, vomiting may have a high fever and unpalatable

From the virus is caused by young children who like to pick up their mouths or get infected with germs. From places where there are many germs, such as playgrounds, nurseries or other children. If severe diarrhea may cause the body to lack of water, and are life-threatening

Hand-foot-mouth Disease

Symptoms – Fever, have the rash, blisters on the palms, feet, and buttocks. Sore mouth, ulcers in the mouth, cheek bulge, tongue and gums usually disappear within 3-10 days.

Kindergarten children have the opportunity to be, especially in the rainy season. Contact with a cough, sneeze, Saliva or feces. Be aware of complications. If the mouth is very painful, the child will not drink water that causes lack of water. If the fever is high, they can shock, there are also potential risks to encephalitis or meningitis. Teach your children to keep their hands clean, do not use cups, plates, and bowls with others and use a spoon in the middle.


Symptoms – There is a red rash and blister with clear water. High or low fever, headache, stomachache, fatigue and usually disappear for 2-3 weeks.

Chickenpox is usually common during winter to an early rainy season. Generally, it is in childhood and there are no complications and not severe. But can’t quit to scratch it. Put them on gloves and cut nails. Use Ice pack or towel moistened with cold water to compress or training them to compress their self instead of scratching it.

Poisonous animal

Rain and floods. Animals, including poisonous animals such as centipedes, scorpions, poisonous insects or snakes, etc. may be evacuated into our home If the insect is poisonous. First aid with soap laundering repeated several times. Use an ice pack to Compression. Take paracetamol if you are very painful. Or find a doctor or remember the emergency number 1669.

Don’t let the house cluttered. To not a hiding place for animals. May Sprinkle Sulfur, calcium oxide, Insect repellent Powder, laid the scent of bergamot around the house. Cracks leak in the house and check the water pipes etc.


If the humid air or who is in the flood zone should be careful about fungus. It is a cause of allergies, asthma and some types of pneumonia.

If the area is moldy. Clean the area with water, and soap can be mixed with disinfectant. For something can’t clean water. Use various disinfectants, alcohol or vinegar. Wipe to clean. If something’s hard to clean. Leave it. Open windows and doors for ventilation. Put desiccant bag under the cabinet or storage box and use a dehumidifier.

Tips : Take care of children during the rainy season.

  1. Be healthy. Exercise and Eat foods that are useful and clean. Do not sleep late.
  2. Caring for cleanliness in the home. Choose a clean nursery and school. Avoid bringing children to the community during the outbreaks.
  3. Teach about private hygiene. Know how to wash your hands. Don’t use something with others. Avoid people who are sick, sneezing.
  4. Some diseases have vaccines. Consult your doctor and get information before getting the vaccine.
  5. If there are suspicious symptoms, take them to see the doctor, do not be complacent

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