When Children Attend Kindergarten. Will They Can Learn? Will They Join With Friends?

When children attend kindergarten.  Will they can learn? Will they join with friends?

New parents have never had children before, maybe not sure now, their child developing as much as the other children?  When they access to kindergarten soon, Parents are more filled with questions and concerns.

In First, you need to calm down and have to understand, that skill of the child is essentially divided into 5 areas. Include movement skill, Fine-Motor and intelligence Skills, understanding Language skill, use Language skill and Self-help and social skill. The children in 4-6 year old have a different skill and developing. So let see what skill that child should have

4 year old – talkative

When the child 4 years old, they will have so many questions and ask you “why, why, why and why” all the time, please don’t be annoyed. Curious is Development as it should be. Parents should always try to answer questions.

In addition, the children should help themselves by washing their face and brushing their teeth, go to the toilet without wetting. The key is to socialize by playing with others and know to wait patiently. It is a basic skill of kindergarten.

4 year old 6 month – when children grow a little

In This time, should test your child’s movement skills that can they stand a single leg or walk Foot-to-toe? If they can, do not worry. In addition to the Physical, the children have a rapid development of intelligence, they can count 1-10, tell the correct color to 4 colors and they can choose that are different from anything else.

5 year old – Know to say hello and thank you

When children passed one year in kindergarten, they will develop social skills, Understanding Language, and distinctive language use. Can tell a story like a story in school. When meeting the teacher or adult, they know the greeting or deference and say thank you in various situations.

6 year old – be students of elementary school soon!

When the child is 6 years old, physical, social and language skills fall into place, and the fine motor and intelligence skills will develop too. Children should be able to separate left and right, can count the number added to 1 – 30 and can read and write by the pencil.

The important thing to give the children have a right skill by they age is parents attention. Whether it is physically or intellectually, to study or play Parents can be their first teacher.

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