Threatening – Deceiving To Fear, Be Worse Than Good.

First, we have to admit that we grow up with the Thai society, Most parents, grandparents often fooled or threatened us such as don’t go, Ghosts are there, if not obey. Will take you to the doctor’s injection or if you stubborn, parents will not love you, this just an example. In real life there are many things which we were deceived.

In fact, threatening or deceiving the child is bad effect. Make children no confidence, feel unreasonable fear and fear in things that do not need to fear. It doesn’t make any development in Emotional and mental Development

The result of threatening – deceiving to Fear

Unreasonable fear affects the emotional and mental development of the child directly, especially the imagination of children. When they fear, fear is engraved in many senses more than adults, If we make their feel unreasonable fear, This fear will stick until they grows up and becomes an adult who is afraid of something unlikely to fear.

Should Parents do? Instead of threatening

– Parents should always think and be conscious before threaten or deceive children.

– If you want your children to do something ? Explain that why, children understand the reason more than you think.

– Parents should act as a good example to children. And do not unreasonable fear as well.

– Correct the misunderstanding of the children. If people around you fool them.

The children quit the unreasonable fear helps to develop the reasoning of children to think and analyze, when they grow up. They will be a rational person. It is protection them in the future.

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