The First Antenatal Care, What Will The Doctor Check?

The first Antenatal care, What will the doctor check?

When the wife realizes that she is pregnant, she will be very excited and happy. The husband would be happy too, because he is going to become a father soon. So, the husband should take his wife to antenatal care with the doctor first.

The first Antenatal care, the doctor will have a screening process for the mother to antenatal care for good health of the fetus. As the following:

  1. Weighing Must weigh every time the mother go to antenatal care to know the weight of the mother at the beginning of pregnancy and during pregnancy, what is the mother’s weight gain? Which weight is related to fetal growth? If the weight is very abnormal, the mother should go for the physical examination to find complications.
  2. Height measurement Height is associated with childbirth. If the mother is short and small, it’s often difficult to childbirth by herself because pelvic floor is small. So, the mother may be used cesarean-section.
  3. Swelling tests are performed during the last trimester of pregnancy to see if the mother has swelling. If there is a lot of swelling, may need to check for other complications.
  4. Breast examination Breast milk is the most important source of baby food. So, there is a breast examination of the mother by Check your mother’s nipple or check for other disorders. And will advise the mother about breastfeeding.
  5. Abdominal examination Will be checked every time the mother go to the antenatal clinic to see the growth of uterus and fetus. When it’s near the time of childbirth, the doctor will touch the mother’s tummy to observe the gesture of the fetus. Is the baby in the delivery position? It’s very important for a mother close to birth.
  6. Blood pressure measurement Measure the pressure to see if the mother has high blood pressure and swelling or not. Because if there is such a condition, it means that the mother is at risk for the pre-eclampsia.
  7. Per Vaginal Examination will be performed when the mother goes to the first antenatal care to check for cervical cancer. And will be checked again when close to maternity to see if the mother has a harmful infection to the baby.
  8. Blood test be performed at the first antenatal care to check for sexually transmitted infections or dangerous diseases that affect pregnancy.
  9. Urinalysis Must urinalysis every time the mother go to antenatal care to detect complications that may harm the mother and fetus.

The mother would know that when you go to antenatal care, what do you need to check and check for? Every examination is important to mother and the fetus. So, therefore, the mother must pay attention to the examination and if you have any questions, you can ask the doctor immediately to be able to practice correctly.

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