NIFTY TEST The Wizard To Create Peace Of Mind For All Mothers.

Fetuses with Down’s syndrome detected (NIFTY TEST) the wizard to create peace of mind for all mothers.

The statistics of the occurrence of Down syndrome are estimated at 1000 cases per year. Which the Down syndrome that causes the baby to die may not be a frequent occurrence but it results in health, learning, development and the living of children in the future.

Many parents are worried that their baby will have a chance of a down syndrome. We would like you to know about the latest screening for Down syndrome or we call the NIFTY TEST, which is a very safe and accurate innovation that makes the mother comfortable and confident with pregnancy.

In the past, screening for fetal with Down’s syndrome was done by piercing through the amniotic sac. If the mother is over 35 years old, she will need to have an amniocentesis during her pregnancy, this way made we found only 25% of infants born with Down syndrome. There are also other methods of screening, but it is not yet possible to screen accurately. Make all the time past the mothers who are at risk, such as pregnant at the very old age, There are concerns about the integrity and strength of the fetus and the potential for Down syndrome with their fetus. Currently, NIFTY TEST has become a viable option for the mothers who want screening.

The NIFTY TEST Screening (Non Invasive Fetal Trisomy Test) is a very accurate and highly effective screening for Down syndrome of the fetus. This test makes it possible to detect the Down’s syndrome up to 99% of trisomy 21. It is also possible to confirm the result with a repeat baby’s chromosome assay if the abnormality is detected and the mother wants to end the pregnancy. In addition, the NIFTY TEST screening can also be used on all pregnant women, no need to be 35 years old up. For the most appropriate gestational age in the examination, the range is between 12-16 weeks (3-4 month of gestation).

If the mother needs confidence and comfort in screening and is concerned about the risk of piercing the amniotic sac. The NIFTY TEST Screening is another way to help mothers get more comfortable with pregnancy and to ensure their baby’s health. However, if the mother would like to be screened down syndrome in the fetus during pregnancy. You can ask at an antenatal clinic or obstetrician-ward.

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