How To Reduce Morning Sickness For Mother Pregnant.

Morning sickness is a common symptoms of mothers who are pregnant. Like squeamish, vomiting, dizziness after wake up in the morning .Feeling tired, tired, be sleepy all times. Bitterness in the mouth, Feel stinky with something has never stink before. Because mothers who are pregnant are hormonal changes. It cause to changes of the body. Do not panic. Just a normal symptoms of the mother pregnant.

The timing of morning sickness.

Each mother will have morning sickness in different time. It maybe because the hormones and growth of the larvae of each person is not the same. Some people will symptoms in the first 6 weeks may be slightly faster or later. Morning sickness is usually stopped during the 20 week period, but some people have Morning sickness all a time during pregnancy or Intermittent, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy. It a lot of morning sickness.

Causes of morning sickness  

  1. Hormonal changes in human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), Including higher sensory odor, the taste changes and physical changes. Cause morning sickness
  2. Caused by anxiety and stress of the mother. Some people with high anxiety have a greater effect on morning sickness.

How to reduce morning sickness

  1. Eat less, but eat more often. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and foods with high carbohydrates such as bread or biscuits.
  2. Should drink water after eating. Do not drink water and eat alternately. That make nausea and vomiting.
  3. Before bed, eat something lightly like milk, yogurt, bread or sandwich. Helps reduce morning sickness in the morning.
  4. When you wake up, don’t get up immediately. Take a rest in minutes, then slowly got out of bed. Will do not cause nausea.
  5. Avoid foods with spices such as curry, fried foods or high acid foods. This type of food is difficult to digest.
  6. Do not brush your teeth after eating immediately. Brush and toothpaste can make you vomiting.
  7. Sip mineral water or soda water when nausea. It helps relieve symptoms.
  8. Stay in fresh air regularly.
  9. Hot food make you dizzy Have nausea, vomiting. Change to a cool food to relieve symptoms
  10. Eat or drink something that is sour, such as lemon slice sliced ​​into a drink.
  11. Ginger such as gingerbread, ginger tea, ginger tea or even ginger capsule to reduce morning sickness
  12. Try not to stress, find a relaxing time, such as sleeping, soaking in warm water, or lying down, listening to casual music, talking to your husband about your worries.
  13. Take a vitamin B6, 50 g of 2 tablets per day (consult your doctor whether or not required)
  14. Choose foods that contain zinc, such as milk, meat, eggs, beans, corn or in the form of supplements.
  15. Love, care and cooperation of the people near the body can reduce morning sickness.

If you have morning sickness Follow these recommendations and morning sickness will palliative. However, if it is very severe, you should see a doctor to treat it. Should not be treat by itself.

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