Have A Leucorrhoea During Pregnancy! Normal Or Worry

During pregnancy, no matter what the symptoms of the body, many mothers are often anxious, which is because worry and worried about the baby in the womb. But sometimes the symptoms are normal for your mother. Just like leucorrhoea that many people are concerned about. In fact, the leucorrhoea during pregnancy is normal without having to worry.

Pregnant women with leucorrhoea is normal. Because when we are pregnant, hormones in the body will change. In addition, the physiological. It also changes to fit with the baby in the womb. The blood and sex hormones work more often in the vagina and uterus. The result is fluid discharge out of the vagina. These fluids, when combined with decaying cells, produce leucorrhoea a or white mucilage. This symptom does not affect the mother or baby body. Because it is a mechanism of normal body adaptation. So you don’t worry about it.

How to observe the Leucorrhoea that normal or abnormal.

1. The leucorrhoea is usually a white mucilage turbid or clear as a wet powder. It can happen every day in small volume. Do not worry because it is a symptom of the mechanism of the body.

2. Abnormal leucorrhoea is yellow, Green or other colors May occur with itching or pain in the vagina. If you have a leucorrhoea that is associated with these symptoms. Should see the doctor immediately because it may be caused by fungus or infection with inflammation in the vagina.

Maintaining hygiene during leucorrhoea

If you have a leucorrhoea with itching or other abnormalities. Most physicians often give suppository or oral medication. You can use medicine as usual, follow the doctor’s instructions. Because this treatment does not affect the baby in pregnancy.

During pregnancy, if you have so many leucorrhoea, but is a normal leucorrhoea and no other symptoms together. Don’t worry. You should also keep the vagina clean. Not damp, and also be aware of the cleanliness. To prevent bacterial, fungal, infections and inflammation. Even if these symptoms do not affect the baby. But it can make you worry, have a bad Mental health to cause stress and weakness during pregnancy.

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