The Pregnant Woman Should Check Rh- Blood Group To Prevent Miscarriage.The Pregnant Woman Should Check Rh- Blood Group To Prevent Miscarriage.

Blood group In addition, the blood group we know as A B AB O, there is another blood group is Rh. The pregnant women should be blood tests to see if the blood group Rh is negative or not because Rh blood groups result in you having a risk of miscarriage.

Get to know the blood group Rh.

Blood group Rh is divided into Rh Positive (Rh+) and Rh Negative (Rh-), which the people with blood group Rh + will have Antigen D on the surface of the blood and the people with blood group is Rh- will don’t have Antigen D. made the people with blood group Rh- can’t get blood from people with blood group Rh+. So, you can only get blood transfusions from people with Rh-blood because of the body of people with blood Rh- will create Antibody D. The most of Thai people 99.7% are blood group Rh+, only 3 in 1,000 people, or 0.3% blood group Rh- and it’s a rare blood group of Thailand.

The pregnant woman has the blood type Rh- should know.

If the mother has Rh- blood group, then the father has Rh+ blood group 100% and no latent genes. Of course, the fetus is Rh+ blood group like a father. But during pregnancy, there is a chance that the baby’s blood flows through the placenta into the mother’s body. Causing mother’s body builds immunity. By this immunity will destroy the red blood cells of the baby until it is yellow compound. Normally, the mother’s body can remove this substance out of the body. But if there is too much, this yellow compound goes to the brain of the child, causing the child to become disabled.

If the mother’s immunity is excessive, it can cause a chance of miscarriage. the treatment has 2 ways.

  1. Blood transfusion operation Rh- to the fetus
  2. Preterm birth

When the baby is born, whether it is premature or normal birth. If the baby has yellowing symptoms caused by yellow compound residue in the body. Will bring the baby into the Phototherapy immediately to get rid of the compound from the baby’s body, because the baby’s body can’t be removed it by themselves.

So anyway, Medication to destroy the baby’s red blood cells while the mother is pregnant. Currently, the drug can be given, since gestational age 8 months to prevent the formation immunity in the mother’s body. So current antenatal care, the mother must be tested for blood and immunity in blood to prevent such symptoms. And pregnant women should go to the antenatal care and check the pregnancy regularly for the health and safety of your mother and baby.

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