Don’t Worry About Scars If You Have Hiruscar

Even, I’m a mother of 2 monkey kids but it doesn’t mean that I have to stop taking care of my skin. I’m still looking for something that can recover my post-pregnancy scars because looking at the scar on my stomach feel quite annoying. Then, I heard that there is a silicone gel from ‘Hiruscar Silicone Pro’ which is the latest innovation in scars treatment… so I have to prove it no matter how.

Hiruscar Hiruscar

Recently, I have been using this Hiruscar Silicone Pro and now I’m going to review this product.


This “Hiruscar Silicone Pro” is a transparent silicone gel, no smell. When I use it, I will use in a little amount….about the green beans, touch onto the scars and gently rub in the same way throughout the scar. I followed all the points of the instructions on the label. The gel texture is not sticky and quickly absorbed you just leave it for 1-2 minutes to dry, use it twice a day, morning – evening after the bath. The scars are gradually faded.

The interesting feature of this product is the ability to maintain the skin’s moisture, reduce the loss of water in the skin, as the gel coating our skin which helps retain water for a long time and protects the skin from bacteria and disturbances that come in contact with the wound directly. Reduce itching, so that we will not scratch the wound, faded the wound and also softens the wound and reduces lesions.

So, I will tell you about my experience. There is a wound which occurred after my C-section* on my skin, its length is about 15 cm. and 0.5 cm. width. So I get worried, I’m afraid that it will leave the scar on my body or maybe it will be a Keloid. I know that the C-section wound is the thing that every mother is worried about. Actually, I had 2 times of C-section and the problem of this wound is it will extremely itchy sometimes. Since I use the “Hiruscar Silicone Pro”, I like it because it really helps me deal with the itching.  I recommend you to rub this gel whenever you are beginning to feel itchy. If you have to itch, you should not scratch the wound because the wound may be infected and may cause more inflammation. For me, I just keep this “Hiruscar Silicone Pro” with me, whenever I feel itchy, I just rub then itching will be disappeared.

*C-section = procedure where the baby is delivered through an abdominal incision.


This silicone gel is generally used for scars treatment, it can also treat Keloid, accident, surgery and C-section wounds which I really love this point. If I know this product since Didi’s birth, I would use this on my wound until it completely closed. For now, I have been using the Hiruscar Silicone Pro for a while and I noticed that my C-section wound was not completely closed but it is gradually faded. I continue using this together with the doctor’s medicines in order to fade the wound’s color and smaller the wound.

I suggest you use this Hiruscar Silicone Pro with the wound that occurred within 3 months or if the wound is scarred and started immediately after the wound closes, it will prevent scarring. How fantastic!

The Hiruscar Silicone Pro’s silicone gel contains;

-Silicone (Cyclometicone, Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxan)


-Stabilized Vitamin C which ligther the scar’s colour

– Vitamin E which ligther the scar’s colour


About the price, there are available for 2 sizes; 4 grams – 310 THB and 10 grams 560 THB. It is not expensive and I bought it from Boots and I also heard that you can buy it from Watson, Lab 7, Extra Lotus,P&F or other drug stores. Totally, this is a good product that you must have so that you don’t need to be scared of any scars anymore!


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