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Today I will talk about the experience of taking Blackmores products. After taking the products within my family, it can say that the vitamins, we eat everyday, have played an important role in the body. According to my roles, I take many roles in a life such as a mother who nurtures children and do all housekeeping and an officer. There are many activities that I have to go. Now my age is increasing every day. I have to take care of myself for the children and for the family.

In the previous time, I joined Blackmores’ activity. I really like it. I gained more knowledge about the health. Before talking about the review, let me share you about the interesting activities for my followers. Let’s join Blackmores activity to win 3 families who will be shot and interviewed in Mother & Care magazine with “Ninn Surat Panyong’s family”.  For further information please click 

In a single day, I always plan about the health of my family. I will share you about the plan. After every members woke up, we had breakfast together.

In the morning, my children always take Blackmores  Koala C after they had a breakfast. Blackmores  Koala C will reinforce the immune system in order to make the system strong and to prevent your children from illness as well.

For father, he takes Blackmores Multi Vitamins and Blackmores Odorless Fish Oil every morning. He has to nourish his body because he is hard to eat foods. There are a few foods that he can eat. So, he need to take multi vitamins to be assured that he get the necessary vitamins and minerals well in a single day. Regarding odourless fish oil, he takes it because of his age. It is required to maintain the fat level. Odourless fish oil reduces blood pressure and heart disease. It also nourish the brain and memory. As I don’t want him to be Alzheimer’s disease. Daddy takes odorless fish oil 3 times with 3 meals (the morning, lunch and dinner).

I always takes Blackmores Omega Me in every morning. I chose Omega Me because fish oil is mixed with vitamin E. It contains Omega-3 concentrated DHA 500 mg per capsule. Vitamin E helps in the skin, anti-oxidant process. According to my lifestyle, my brains work hardly to remember, to work and to teach children. So, Omega Me is the best of me! I take 1 capsule once a day.

Sometimes, I am tired due to less rest. So, I have a cold. As I have allergic reaction, If  I work hard and do not sleep well enough, I will easily get sick. Then, I found Blackmores Naturetime Buffered C as my supporter in terms of health. I like it. A high vitamin C supplement slowly releases vitamin C in the digestive tract. After I eat it, it greatly absorb vitamin C over the course of more than 8 hours in order to help me strengthen the cold quickly. You  should drink more water as much to help the body absorb vitamin C effectively.

After taking Blackmores products within my family, we love it because it matches our lifestyle. Every products are excellent. We takes it in the morning and evening. So, we assure that we get adequate vitamins and minerals for our body.  As I always go to the gym for exercise, Odourless Fish Oil is great to heal the pain after exercise.  

Another Blackmores product is Folic Acid and 9 Plus Formula + Calcium. These are suitable for both mothers and new mothers. I took Folic Acid while I was pregnant. I recommend you to take it for 3 months before getting pregnant in order to help reduce the chance of neonatal dysfunction. It can be taken until you get pregnant. 9 Plus Formula + Calcium provides the nutrients necessary to complete the 14 types that help nourish the brain both the mother and the baby.

As I shared about my experience in terms of health and the way to treat myself and my family with Blackmores’ products. I hope that it will benefit to many families, too.  If you are looking for some supplements, you should select the supplement matching your lifestyle. There is too much trip required. I want you to take care of everyone in the family to be healthy and to pay more attention to the health of the body. #BlackmoresLivemoreFamily #Strong family

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