Treatment Of Cramping For Pregnant Mothers

Cramping is a contraction that causes pain and hard lump of muscle. This is a sudden occurrence that we cannot enforce. But it is just a moment, then the symptoms will decreased. Cramps may occur on any part of the body with a single muscle or multiple bundles at the same time. Usually occurs while exercising, walking, sitting or resting for a long time.

Most pregnant mothers often have symptoms of cramping. May be caused by pregnant mothers often need to rest in same posture for a long time. Especially in calf and often at 5 months pregnant then. When the belly grows, the uterus is pressed against the pelvis. The blood flow inconvenient. So muscles in the calf are lack of oxygen. Cause pain and cramping up.

How to cure when pregnancy mother is cramping

  1. Sit down to the floor and Stretch the leg. Use one hand to press the knee in leg is cramping. The other hand pushes the toes toward you. If does not reach the toes. To stretch the legs and lean the wall. Then Press on the knee to keep the knees bent or let the husband to help you press it.
  2. Do not squeeze the cramping point is strictly prohibited. It will not help cure cramping. The pain will increase with it.
  3. Sleep on the left side. It is a posture that helps blood flow the most convenient.
  4. Should keep exercising regularly. To strengthen the muscles. More resistant to cramping.
  5. Should eat foods that have calcium. To strengthen the bones will help in take weight. And when strong bones. Pregnant mothers will have less pain and cramping.

If pregnant mother are cramping up, do not panic. Cramps do not cause harm to the baby in the womb, just a common symptom that can happen to anyone, even athletes with strong physique. But if it is, use the steps as mentioned. It will relieve a cramp it.

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