Review : Lamoon Organic Baby Accessories Cleanser

Lamoon is an organic product for mothers and babies with 100% natural ingredients. It applied a fruit enzyme for baby cleansing. No worries about chemical residue after using its products. Parents can be assured that it is safe for your baby. I used the product since I had the first child. Until now, I have 2 children and I still use Lamoon’s products. Personally, I like nature. I chose Lamoon because I assure  that my baby will irritate it. As the use of 100% natural products, it is good for us or our family and our children. Do not wait for your baby to get allergies before using natural products. It is better to use organic products or natural products that might save you and your baby from allergies.

The first Lamoon’s product is

1. Lamoon Organic Baby Accessories Cleanser

This baby cleanser has a spray. it is so easy and convenient to use. If you have babies, I will recommend you to buy this product. The product can be used to clean baby equipment, baby toys, dining table, car seat, baby carriage and etc. It reduces the accumulation of bacteria and the virus which are harmful to baby. I recommend you, especially mothers that plastic toys should be cleaned frequently. I clean them every 1-2 weeks because my babies always pick their toys to their mouth. If the toys are not clean, it will contaminate in the mouth. So, toys and baby equipment should be clean regularly to reduce the accumulation of bacteria and the causes of illness.

How to use: Spraying Lamoon’s cleanser at a space that you want to clean it up such as toys, cabinets, bed, table, baby carriage, car seat or dining table. This cleanser can be used without washing out by water.

Its fragrance is soft and fresh smell from orange and pure essential oils. If you are familiar with essential oils, these scent is great. If not, I think it might be strong smell for you.

Before cleansing, a booster seat was plenty of dirty as in the picture above…

After cleansing by using Lamoon’s cleanser, a booster seat is cleaner.

After using Lamoon’s cleanser, I think it is great cleanser as there is no greasy or stain left when I wiped away for a while. I chose this baby cleaner because it is an ingredient extracted from oranges as food grade with nature 100%. It does not leave any residue. No alcohol.  So, it is safe for the baby. If the children accidentally picked up a toy in their mouth, mothers will not afraid of residue.

The second Lamoon’s product is

Lamoon Organic Nipple & Bottle Cleanser 

My youngest son still sucks milk from the bottle.  I am punctilious in choosing bottle cleanser as much. I always use a baby bottle cleanser only. I do not use a common cleanser to clean my baby bottles because I afraid that it contains a chemical residue after using a common cleanser. Hence, I chose organic bottle cleanser.

How to use: Just pumping Lamoon’s organic product and mix it with water. Bringing a bottle of baby’s milk  to soak in the water and leave it for a while. Then, washing  it.

Lamoon Organic Nipple & Bottle Cleanser is different from the regular cleanser that is produced from the lime juice enzyme. It is easy to remove fat stain from the milk, even if the mother’s milk is fatter than cow’s milk. It’s easy to wash out with 100% natural extracts. It does not leave the residue on the bottle to cause any harms. In addition, it does not leave white stains after steaming the bottle. The smell of the bottle is fresh with the smell of fruit such as lime.

The third Lamoon’s product is

3. Lamoon Organic Laundry Liquid

Lamoon Organic Laundry Liquid is produced by pineapple enzyme which easily eliminate strong strain on clothes such as milk strain, pee and shit. The product cleans up all smell and dirty as well. It also preserve texture of baby clothes. You just soak the cloth before ½ hour, then using Lamoon’s liquid detergent. Clothes will be soft without using any softener. Lamoon’s detergent contains 100% natural ingredients, free from chemical and no residue. So, it is safe for your babies and prevent allergic reaction and rash.

How to use:  Mixing detergent 1 cap per cloth 10 pieces. Both washing by manual or machine use the same ratio of it. If yo want to increase the efficiency of washing, I will recommend you to soak about 1 hour or longer in case that clothes are very dirty. Then rubbing it gently. Rinsing with water 1-2 times  or wash it into the machine as usual.

Baby’s clothes, diapers, blankets, towels and aprons is softer after it was cleaned up by using Lamoon’s product which is no chemical residue.

Ingredients in Lamoon’s products;

INGREDIENTS: Water, Fruit Enzyme, Pure essential oil

  • No SLS, SLES
  • No Cocamidopropyl Betaine
  • No Parabens
  • No Sulfates
  • No Perfume

All Lamoon’s products are safety, I confirmed. They are organic products for babies and people who have sensitive skin. Lamoon’s products are the most tender and suitable for newborn skin. After I used it, I believe in the quality of Lamoon’s product!!! It is made by natural ingredients that are 100% natural origin, no chemicals which will cause allergic reactions or rash. Unlike some brands that chemically mixed. Even the price of Lamoon’s product is slightly higher than other brands but the quality is really worth it.

For parents, Let me say something to you that “Lamoon” is another good choice of baby brand featured by the natural products and also organic products. Let’s try it and you do not disappoint.

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