Teach Your Child To Tell The Feeling.

When the kids cry and refuse everything parents do. The first word that comes up in the head of the parents is the child is naughty, right? In the past, I’ve been thinking this before. But from observing children and from reading regularly, I find that we may misunderstand the children.

The expression that parents call ‘naughty child’, it may be because young children cannot tell their feelings, because the ability to use the language is still weak, speak not fluently, there are not many words and cannot use complex words. There are problems when the mother asks and the child cannot answer. When children feel sick and cannot tell my own feelings, it makes the child feel uncomfortable and express in a way that parents don’t like.

Therefore, the mother should think that the child is a foreigner who recently came to Thailand. In the first 1-2 years, Cannot communicate is normal.

Enhance language skills to your children.

Children who can tell the feeling and express themselves appropriately will have a good mood and happy. Why? Because children are not scolded, when they go to school they can take care of themselves well, when problems arise, they will tell the teacher and then have problems with friends, they will be used communicate straight, not fight.

If the child has fewer communication skills, the parents can help their children improve.

I have collected tips to train your children. As the following

1. Talk with your children often, tell the story or talk with them, listen to their stories. Parents ask questions for them tell the answer or while doing activities, talk to your children along the way.

2. Listen to them, listening is important. Listening to them will help motivate them to want to speak and communicate with us.

3. Teach vocabulary to children, especially vocabulary related to feelings such as joy, joy, sadness, anger, loneliness, pain, etc.

4. Teach your children to tell the level of feelings. If they are very young you should teach simple words like very hurt, hurt, a little hurt, etc. If they grow up a little bit, you might let them tell the level of feelings with the numbers 1-5.

5. Teach children to show emotion properly. want or don’t want, like or don’t like, when feeling something, try to use the words to communicate with the mother. Tell the child if they can tell, the parents will help.

6. Play talking on the phone. Playing with children will encourage them to want to communicate more with their parents because they are having fun.

7. Play with children by acting as characters in fairy tales or comics, such as act as a teacher, doctor, military, nurse, police and other occupations or lets children play a role as anyone they know and the parents help them create stories.

8. Let the children tell stories or tell stories to children, then talk about the feelings of the characters.

9. Let children tell you that when your parents are not at home, what do they do or when they go to school? Let children feel that their parents are excited to know,

10. Play a narrative game from the picture, by the parents find pictures from magazines or the internet, select multiple images. Played by open the picture and let the child tell the colours, shapes and sizes of objects in the picture or tell the story about that picture.

11. Play action games, by find pictures that have people who show different faces, cut and keep. When opening the pic, must show the face like in the picture and let others guess what you are expressing on the face.

12. When taking the children out of home, go to the park, amusement park, beach or go to the restaurant. Encourage the child to see around, watch the birds, see the trees or the atmosphere in the restaurant, talk to your child about what he or she sees and do not forget to ask his or her opinion.

When you train your children successfully, I think your child will have to Talk all the time.


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