Gestational Diabetes, Care And Control For Fetal Health.

Many pregnant women have heard about Gestational Diabetes. Gestational diabetes is the type of diabetes that is detected in the mother during pregnancy. Most are found in about 20 weeks of pregnancy. But do not panic. The proportion of mothers with Gestational Diabetes is only 2% of all pregnant mothers. If you are pregnant with diabetes. Take care of yourself and control your sugar level with regular visits to the doctor. It helps you pregnant safely.

Causes Of Diabetes While Pregnant

Causes of diabetes mothers in pregnancy is the same to common diabetes, such as

  • Have a family member with diabetes.
  • Increasing age. Pregnant women older than 30 years are at greater risk
  • Obesity (body mass index or BMI more than 25 kg / sq.m.)
  • Have a history of hypertension or high blood lipids.

Pregnancy may also cause diabetes as well. Pregnant women will have many changes in hormones such as growth hormone, steroid hormone, which acts against insulin. So you have high blood sugar. The cause of diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes mostly there are no signs of disease. Will know only when the screening. The obstetrician will assess the risk and schedule the screening. For mothers who are at risk, such as have family member with diabetes. Overweight pregnant or 30-35 years old may be screened at the first time in antenatal clinic. Mothers who are at low risk may be screened at the time to high probability such as from Quarter 2 onward and during 24-28 weeks, so it’s important that you should see the Doctors and Antenatal Care immediately know that they are pregnant. To be in the care of you closely as well.

How to screen for diabetes in pregnancy

Initially, doctor will give you a sugar 50 g (glucose challenge test), which does not require fasting then Blood Test If the value exceeds 140 mg / dl. Is abnormal. Additional glucose tolerance test (GTT) is required by eating sugar 75 g. or 100 g. then Blood sugar test after eating 1 hour 2 hours and 3 hours if the value exceeds the criteria, it will diagnose that is Gestational Diabetes

How to treat the Gestational Diabetes

If you are diagnosed with diabetes mothers during pregnancy. It must be treated. First, you will use the method of diet control. Reduce starchy foods and avoid high sugar foods such as sweets, soft drinks, glutinous rice, sour milk, yogurt with sweet taste, juice, etc. Nutritionists will be able to advise mothers about the proportion of food. Mostly pregnant women with diabetes will be able to control their blood sugar levels with diet control. Do not need to use medication.

In addition to food control. You need to Measuring Blood sugar levels manually at least 2 times a day. After eating 1 hour and 2 hours (as prescribed by your doctor), the right sugar after 1 hour should not exceed 140 mg per deciliter. After 2 hours of eating, it should not exceed 120 mg per deciliter.

If you control the food but you can’t control blood sugar levels. You need to treat by using insulin injection. Insulin is a large molecule. Can’t pass to your baby. In addition, the needles used to inject insulin are small. Not hurt mother and not reach the baby in the womb. It is safe for both mother and baby in womb. However, treat by medication is in the care of the doctor closely.

Dietary control is a very important part of controlling blood sugar. So, you should focus on caring for yourself and changing your eating habits during pregnancy. To reduce the risk from the high blood sugar that can happen to both mother and baby. And the baby was born safely.

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