Taking Care Of The Child’s Wound With Hiruscar

Do you know the meaning of daughter 5, son 12?

That number isn’t described my children age but it is the number of a needle! At first, my daughter had failed down and got 5 stitches, after a month my son got 12 stitches!! ….. at that time their hurt has broken my heart. I’m so worried about the scars, I just want to keep their heads in the helmet to make them safe.

Didi, my 4 years old daughter

Louvre, my 3 years old son before the accident

The day of accident, my older daughter Didi failed down in November 2017 and Louvre failed down in December 2017

I’m wondering how playful of your children be? Is there any accident happen to them like this? so that I can be relieved that it is normal for children to have some stitches from the accident. After the accident, I felt so pity At that moment, he was so pity. Seeing the wound can break the mother’s heart. After all, he was safe, then I was worried about the scars that Didi got stitched on her chin and Louvre got on his eyebrows. My doctor recommended me to use Hiruscar to heal my post-pregnancy scars and it works! Luckily, there’s a tube of Hiruscar in my house …. now I feel relieved that their scars will disappear soon.

This photo was taken while my son was sleeping. At that time, the wound still not stitched off

Louvre is my warrior son with the scars. Sometimes he gets bump on his forehead, climbing the bin until it breaks and recently he failed down while he was cycling down the hill and got 12 stitches. Even though it looks like a funny story but at that time, I couldn’t laugh, I saw him failed down, the blood covered his face and his wound was so deep. He was crying along the way to the hospital and I was I crying with him. While the doctor was suturing his wound, he saw my pale face then he told me to wait outside but I want to stay with him, looking at him made me want to be the one that gets hurt.

Didi’s wound after stitched off, it’s quite swell.

With the fear that they will have scars. I immediately use Hiruscar Silicone Pro after their wound was healed. To get the best results the wound should be no more than 3 months and the prevention of scarring should begin immediately after the wound closes. From this picture, you can see that the skin is not smooth. I started to use Hiruscar Silicone Pro with Didi and Louvre immediately after the wound closed.

Hiruscar Silicone Pro is easy to use with the silicone gel, no smell and not sticky. To squeeze through the tube just squeeze with a green pea amount on the scar and lightly rubbed in the same way around the wound and without any massage. This silicone gel is very quickly absorbed, it will be dried only after 1-2 minutes. I suggested you use it for 2 times a day after a bath in the morning and evening. Since I use this, the wound gradually disappeared. In addition, it also smoothens the wound as well.

Now, when it becomes a scab, it’s usually itchy and kids like to scratch it. When they scratch, the blood will come out and the wound couldn’t be healed. Even more, your children might touch something with dirty germs following the infections. Before I have to wear my children not to scratch their wound again and again but after using Hiruscar, I extremely like it because whenever they feel itchy with their wounds, they will tell me and I will rub it with the Hiruscar and their itchy feeling will immediately disappear. Hiruscar contains a moisturizing ingredient that reduces the loss of water in the skin, as it has a gel coat that keeps the skin hydrated and protects the skin from bacteria and dirt from the outside and reduced itching by the wound as well.


I would say that this silicone gel can reduce general scars to fade in. From the picture can be seen that the skin around Louvre’s wound has smoothened. The silicone gel also reduces the incision or keloid scab as well. Especially, the stitched wound like Didi’s and Louvre’s. I apply it daily until the scars are faded. The results of the gel are proved by my children results, those wounds that usually left the scars such as accidental injuries, surgery wounds or stitched wounds also work if you apply them regularly. They can reduce the wound size and lighter the wound color as well.

The Hiruscar Silicone Pro’s silicone gel contains;

-Silicone (Cyclometicone, Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxan)


-Stabilized Vitamin C which ligther the scar’s colour

-วิตามิน E which ligther the scar’s colour

About the price, there are available for 2 sizes; 4 grams – 310 THB and 10 grams 560 THB. It is not expensive and I bought it from Boots and I also heard that you can buy it from Watson, Lab 7, Extra Lotus,P&F or other drug stores. Totally, this is a good product that you must have so that you don’t need to be scared of any scars anymore!

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