Klean And Kare Normal Saline For Your Baby’s Nose

Many mothers who have baby might know that when the babies get cold and catarrh, the doctor usually recommends the mother to do the nasal irrigation with saline … to wash off snot and nasal allergens. It reduces nasal congestion and recover the baby’s breath quickly. According to my experience, the brine is not only applied to wash the nose when babies get sick but it also has many benefits.

There is “Klean and Kare Normal Saline” in my house but sometime I carry it on my bag when I travel to other cities, to swim or to join outdoor activities with family. Let me share you about my experience and the way to use this saline.

Klean and Kare Normal Saline is a sterile saline and no preservatives  with Sodium Chloride 0.9%.

The label states that the saline can be used for nasal irrigation in both children and adults. It can be used as nasal saline solution in young children, eyewash, cleaning contact lenses and wiping off the acne. You should use it within 30 days after opened it. It is quite useful.

If mothers have to wash children’s nose, what should they do? Let’s see how to use it properly in following detail.

Preparation for washing nose.

  1. Klean and Kare Normal Saline : You can buy it at hospitals or pharmacy shops.
  2. Clean glasses to contain saline
  3. Syringe
  4. Cork for nasal irrigation
  5. Bowl : in case that your children have a snot. If you wash their nose in the bath room, it is no need to use bowl.

When you completely prepared these equipment, let’s see the procedures of nasal irrigation.

Firstly, you remove the green ring first. It simply opens by pulling out the green ring around a bottleneck and then slowly turning the lid to close it. The inner sharp piece in the lid will perforate the bottle. Then, it is ready to use.

Don’t forget to wash your hands before taking nasal irrigation. Then, you put a cork to cover on a syringe.

Squeezing the saline into a glass or  a bowl.

Using a syringe to suck saline until it’s full of saline in a syringe.

Keeping children clam and slowly putting the syringe into a side of their nose. Then, you inject  a saline into their nose. If you are afraid that children will choke, you can tell them to open the mouth.

Gradually injecting the saline  into the child’s nose. The saline will flow into the nasal cavity and flows out of the nostrils on one side. Then, you repeat all procedures again until you see that it is no mucus with a saline. You can wash their nose as often as you want to assure that their noses will be clean, no nasal congestion which makes breathing easier.

So, let’s see how I use Klean and Kare Normal Saline in daily life.

As there are full of germs and pollution in our environment including air pollution caused by cars, cigarette smoke, dust, mites, bacteria, fungus, germs and allergens.  All of these leads to many diseases. Hence, I strongly concerns about these allergens that might get in the body, especially children’s body. I prevent and reduce the risk of disease in a simple way.Firstly, I use Klean and Kare Normal Saline for nasal irrigation after we go out or join outdoor activities.

I always take nasal irrigation to my children because the weather in Thailand is so hot and it is easy to propagate those allergens. So, it is important to have the saline in a house.

I always wash my children’s nose after they swam because there are many people swimming in the public pool. It is a high risk to get allergens from other.

I also wash my children’s nose after we came back from shopping malls, markets, school, playground and amusement parks. As I believe that allergens are around us in everywhere we go. So, it will be better to preliminary protect children by nasal irrigation.

I always use Klean and Kare Normal Saline for nasal irrigation in everywhere I go with children.

Klean and Kare Normal Saline can be used for bathing the wound. It contains Sodium chloride 0.9% which is balanced with water in body cells. I always use Klean and Kare Normal Saline to wash wounds on my children instead of alcohol (alcohol makes children pain and perhaps they don’t want mother to wash their wounds). Wounds will be clean and easily eliminate germs which can reduce infections. Moreover, the wounds are healed faster as well.

In this picture above, it is a wet tissue of the brand Klean & Kare. I just found it at the drugstore near the house. I bought it to try to wipe the skin when I go out with family and children.

“Klean & Kare – Normal Saline” has many benefits. Personally, I always use it and repurchase it all the time. It is an important item in a house to use in multifunction. If you haven’t buy it yet, let buy it !!

 Let’s see how to fo nsal irrigation in the video below.



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