Pregnant Women Need To Beware Of Chickenpox!

Chickenpox is a disease caused by the Varicella-Zoster virus. If you get chickenpox while pregnant, it maybe can affect the fetus and maybe make pregnant women have complications from other diseases, such as pneumonia, encephalitis, and pleurisy.

Symptoms of chickenpox will start with fever, headache, abdominal pain, sore throat, tiredness and aches for about 1-2 days. Then the symptoms will improve, but the skin will have the rash rapidly throughout the face, trunk, scalp, limbs, oral mucosa and it becomes blistered and has clear water inside. Then the lesion begins to scab and will gradually fade into normal in 2 weeks.

For pregnant women who get chickenpox Not only the mother is affected but it also affects to fetus. Pregnant women who get chickenpox will spread the infection to the fetus in the womb and there is a risk to be in every quarter of pregnancy. But infection in the first quarter is the most severe, which may cause the fetus get Cerebral Atrophy, and there are disorders of the leg and skin.

So anyway, You need to be careful while you are pregnant. If you find yourself having symptoms that are suspected to be chickenpox, you should see a doctor immediately.

How to take care yourself when you get the chickenpox

  1. You should shorten the nail to prevent scratching and inflamed mucus.
  2. Drink 6-8 glasses of clean water every day.
  3. When itching, use a calamine to reduce itching. If you have a fever, you can take paracetamol to reduce fever.
  4. Should go to see the doctor when suspected of complications such as high fever continued, have blistering pus, a lot of coughs, and have sputum, tiredness, chest pain, and severe headache.
  5. Pregnant women who have gestation age over 20 weeks should count the number of times the fetus is flexed. If you have any symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.
  6. Follow ultrasound results to see your baby’s growth as suggested by your doctor.
  7. Should rest sufficient for about 8-10 hours per day.

Chickenpox can be prevented with a vaccine. If you are pregnant, don’t take the vaccine because it may be harmful to the fetus. If you are planning to have a child, should take the chickenpox vaccine before pregnant 1-3 months and avoid contact with people who are chickenpox.

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