3 Easy Menus For Children By Philips Airfryer

Hello. my beloved followers. Today, I will cook 3 menus for children by using “Philips Airfryer” with less of oil. My family has changed out lifestyle in particular for health. After I had a baby, health and nutrient are major concerns to make my children healthy. Another reason of changing the way of eating is that I want to be a good example for children in terms of having a good eating habits and let them follow my ways. As I have a chance to try the fried pot,Philips Airfryer.  It is a healthy fried pot that addresses my concerns.

Special feature of Philips Airfryer is 80% fat reduction because it is an air-frying system. Users can use it tofry, roast and grill without adding any oil because food commonly has oil in itself. Philips Airfryer greatly reduces fat for healthier meals and snacks. It also reduces the smell of rancid oil after cooking. In addition, cleaning the pot is easy. The problem of oil stains caused by cooking on clothing and the kitchen has gone. I really love it. I used the Philips Airfryer and it was very easy to use. If you cannot cook well, Philips frying is a great choice to help you cook.

Philips Airfryer has provided more than 200 recipes in the application and manual.

Let’s see how it work as following detail.

Philips Airfryer works with TurboStar Rapid Air technology.

  • The black colour with 1425 Watt and 5.3 Kg.
  • Providing 200 recipes within the application and manual
  • Ready to use immediately and needless to warm the pot
  • Its parts can be disassembled and used with the dishwasher.
  • 2 Year warranty in worldwide.

How to cleansingPhilips Airfryer:

According to the Philips frying pot does not add much oil to the Airfryer, it doesn’t have any oil strains on the external side. Anyway, please wait for the Airfryer to be cool down before cleaning it. The procedure is simple as following;

  1. Wipe with a soft towel soaked in water.
  2. Use a soft sponge. Hot Water Inner Wipes.
  3. If food scraps stain in the heating pad, you should clean it by using soft brush. IMPORTANT: Do not use metal brush or hard brush as this may damage the heating pad.
  4. Clean the heating pad with a soft brush.
  5.  Wipe the heating pad with tissue paper.

To clean the basket and Airfryer’s pad, please following the steps below.

  1. Put hot water in the basket of Airfryer and add dishwashing liquid.
  2. Soak a sieve in a basket for 10 minutes.
  3. Clean the side of the sieve which is black colour by using a sponge or brush and do not scratch.
  4. Turn the sieve down and rub it with a brush or a clean cloth.
  5. Clean the basket with a sponge or brush without scratching.

My opinions after using  Philips Airfryer :

Overall I’m impressive because it is easy to use. Cooking without oil is good for the health of family members. The cooking process is just to open the drawer and put ingredients into the drawer. It does not take long time for cooking through this machine.  I set the temperature and time. The machine will work automatically. Users can also open the drawer to see the progress of cooking. In terms of cleanliness, it reduces the smell of rancid oil in the house and reduces the oil stains caused by cooking in the kitchen as well. The machine is easy to clean and it’s not complicated.

Regarding the taste of food,  as Philips Airfryer is an excellent equipment for cooking with less of oil when it compares with other brands. If you fries French Fries with Philips Airfryer, it will reduce fat up to 80%. French Fries are not soft  but they are tasty. However, if you prefer common french fries with oil, you might not like French Fries cooked by Philips Airfryer. Anyway, you will be healthier if you cook your dishes by using Philips Airfryer. Your dishes will be tasty and healthy as well.

Let’s see how to use it and 3 recipes by using Philips Airfryer in the video below.

Philips Airfryer Price is  11,990 Baht

Further detail of Philips Airfryer click: www.philips.co.th


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