5 Kindergarten That Offering Chinese Language Courses

List of 5 Kindergarten that offering Chinese language courses

Parents who follow the news often would know one of the world’s great nations is China. Because it’s not just Thailand that has business talks with China but other countries around the world also deal and trading with China as well. Both Economic and demographic factors have resulted in Chinese is an important language not to lose English. Therefore, Chinese language preparation for children from kindergarten may be another option that parents are looking for.

Genius kid school

Genius kid School is a small school that offers 3 language courses (Thai-English-Mandarin). Located at Chaeng wattana road. Genius kid School is accepting applications for boys and girls, from 1 year old to 6 years old and the semester is divided into 2 semesters, include semester 1 (May – September) and semester 2 (November – March)


Peiing Public School

Peiing Public School is located in Yaowarat area. We are an old school almost a hundred years old and operated by Taejew Association of Thailand. Taught by the main Thai-Chinese curriculum and uses Chinese lessons from the People’s Republic of China. Accepting applications from Kindergarten to Grade 6.


TCIS : Thai-Chinese International School

TCIS is the first international school in Thailand to offer full Chinese language instruction, certified international standards by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), which was the Institute for Educational Standards from the United States, and also use Mandarin courses from Taiwan. The semester is divided into 2 semesters by Accepting applications from nursery to Grade 6.


TSIS : Thai-Singapore International School

TSIS is a three-language international school by using the Singapore curriculum that is approved by the Ministry of Education and taught in English in all subjects, except in Chinese and Thai. TSIS located on Srinakarin Road and accepting applications from nursery to Grade 6.


SISB : Singapore International School of Bangkok

SISB, the Chinese language course, and textbooks will take from Singapore and there is mixed instruction by the students is centered. Accepting applications from nursery to Grade 6. Currently, SISB has branches in Prachautit, Ekkamai, Suvarnabhumi, Thonburi and Chiang Mai.


From the above information. It can be seen that kindergarten with Chinese teaching, there are many schools that parents can choose as appropriate and convenient.

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