Mossi Guard : Mosquito Repellent For Children.

“Mosquitoes” no matter how we try to escape it, we have never complete it. I do not know why. The problem of mosquitoes is always disturbing. Mosquitoes are carriers of dengue fever disease, Chikungunya and Virus Coca. I believe that many homes have the same problems with mosquitoes. Particularly, small children are often bitten by mosquitoes on a regular basis. It is important for parents to protect children from mosquitoes. It is not good to let the baby be bit by mosquitoes often. Prevention is better than treatment!

As I am a professional reviewer. To be honest, I am really interested in products related to the protection of mosquito. Today, let me introduce you about a “Mossi Guard” (Mossi Guard). I will review the features and its benefits as shown in following detail.

Mossi Guards is mosquito repellent sticker which is extracted by Citronella Oil Extract. Mossi Guards is extracted by special methods so that it works as an effective mosquito repellent, midge repellent and general insect repellents. It is more comfortable and safety with DEET FREE. We do not have to apply it on the skin directly like other mosquito repellant. It does not irritate the skin. It can be used daily and suitable for all ages, both babies, children, adults and pregnant women.

As we know that recently, there are many new diseases of the mosquito called Ziga Virus. This is a terrible virus that no vaccination can kill it. The most vulnerable group is the pregnant women or mothers. If they are infected, fetus are harmed with it. Ziga virus may cause abnormalities to the baby. Infants will be head disorders by having the smaller skull and a smaller brain which leads to drastic brain diseases. The baby will grow up slowly. Mothers cannot overlook this point. They should protect themselves from mosquito by using Mossi Guard.

There are 30 cards in each Mossi Guard box containing 2 stickers in a box.

How to use it : Ripping the cover and peeling off the sticker. Then, you stick it to clothes or nearby. It can be attached more than 1 sheet, it does not matter. If there are a lot of mosquitoes, you should try to put both positions as front and back of clothes or stick it to the pants as well. I recommend that do not use it in windy area . Mossi Guard has a radius 1 metre from the center of the patch to mosquito repellent and insect repellent. It works up to 12 hours. In the sticky of its sticker, it is very sticky and difficult to fall in. When you peel off, the glue of stickers is not sticking on the clothes.

In addition, Mossi Guard is a sticker card that can be used anywhere such as wheelchairs, beds, window screens,  home doors and clothes. It can be attached on your clothes when you do activities outside the house. To avoid the risk of mosquitoes when you go outside, please don’t forget to carry it. I like Mossi Guard very much since it is easy to use and not dirty. From my experience, I sometime carried a mosquito spray and faced with the leakage of spray head. This made my bag dirty. However, I don’t have any problems again when I use Mossi Guard.

After I used Mossi Guard. I think it is good quality. I feel that the mosquito least bited my children. I like to carry it when I have to do activities outside my house or to stay overnight at hotels. The standard features of Mossi Guard are safe with DEET free. Its scent is a Thai lemongrass scent. I assure its safety and prefer to use it with my children. If you are looking for mosquito repellent for children, Let’s try Mossi Guard.

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