My Son Play Genital, What Should We Do?

Many parents will feel daunted because they don’t know how to stop their sons from playing their genitals.

Why does he play genitals?

The boy under 5 years old will play their own genitals. From infancy to 3 years old, playing their genitals is one of the body’s own explorations bycatch the face, ears, feet and penis. Cause the penis has not been ignored because it is a fascinating organ and the hand can catch up.

In addition to exploring their own organs, the play of the penis may come from many causes, it’s fun to play or from itching, irritate and Pants tight. So you always have to keep an eye on your children.

Bath time, if the mother cleanses the penis for too long, it will encourage him to play his own penis. Cause of play penis may be caused by stress, lack of warmth or in serious cases is sexual abuse. For this, I say to cover the possibilities, the parents don’t worry.

Mostly, When the child enters elementary school, this problem disappears because the child begins to understand and is at the age where he has a mimetic behaviour when they watch adults and friends around, they find no one playing their own genitals, this behaviour is reduced until it disappears.

9 solutions

First of all, you have to know that boys playing their genitals are not big problems. We can fix this by following this guide.

1. Don’t scold the child or panic, because it would make him understand that sex is wrong and gives him the wrong attitude when he grows up.

2. Don’t scold child about this topic often and don’t tell this topic to others people, because it will make children embarrassed and feel bad

3. Don’t let other children mock and grab the penis of the son.

4. Check the health of the penis of the son to see the redness, rash or inflammation. If suspected or have symptom should bring his son to see the doctor.

5. Bath and clean the genitals as normal. Do not rub soap or clean the penis for too long because bathing is the part that makes the children plays their genitals.

6. If the child likes to play his penis before bedtime, parents should persuade their children to play or exercise, because when a child is tired or exhausted, it will be easy to sleep.

7. Read the bedtime stories to the children until they fall asleep to divert their attention.

8. Try not to have children visualize sexual stimuli, If your child sleeps in the same room with you, should be careful.

9. Always attentive, give love and warmth to your children. Always watch your children, Did he have any problems?

Although playing the penis in children is considered normal but parents should teach their children not to hold their penis in public. Describe briefly with reason to them, I think they are easier to understand than a long speech.

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