Making A Simple Paper Crafts, Another Idea Apart From Watching Tvs And Playing Smartphones.

If you have free time, whether it is a weekend or a public holiday. In addition to watching TV and playing with your smartphones, let’s try to find some other activities such as creating toys from the paper and play with your children, this activity makes the relationship of the family tighten and enjoy which you can play easily at home.

Today, I will share an idea of creating toys from the papers with your children. All kinds of paper can be adapted as a toy.

Before we start, we should prepare some equipment such as pencils, rulers, glue, and tape.

For today, I choose a simple craft wit the help a printer which is not difficult at all. In the beginning, I try to find the simplest activity for 2-3 years old children, which is the activity that children can do made by themselves. So, I choose to make a craft by cutting papers and a toy by folding papers. If you have no idea, you can go to, there will be a plenty of paper craft patterns for you to download, print out to play with your kids. Today, I will show you some of my crafts.

There is wifi in my house, therefore I can print them out from my smartphone directly. The first craft I choose to download the animal paper folding pattern, I printed them out and let the kids fold them together. Actually, this website is really good because there are many animals to choose from with the beautiful patterns of real animals. There is nothing much to do, just use a white A4 paper to print out. (The fastest way I would recommend is you can download and print them before the day you will do this activity.)

This is a good activity because the kids can use their skills in a various way.

The little Beagle is finished. Actually, choosing animals paper craft for children can make them happy, my kids are enjoyed with making a role play by using these paper crafts.

The second one is the giraffe, every paper crafts available is very easy because there will be instructions for each craft that you have downloaded.
The next one is the balloon. As you can see in the picture, Didi my daughter was holding scissors, don’t worry she has good skill of using it. Scissor skills are another important skill that parents should not ignore or not allow them to use it. But you should carefully choose the scissors before you by it and while kids are using it, you should take care closely.

Making a balloon is quite difficult because you have to cut, fold, glue on and completing components but it is not that complicated. As I told you, there is an instruction provided for you.

In this kind of activity, If you see that the children can do by themselves, just let them do on their own giving a chance to children to practice their skills by doing it themselves will help them to learn more and they will have a freedom on creativity. In addition, children will experience and used the problem-solving process on their own.

and the balloon is finished….

Now, you can see that making paper crafts has many benefits. It helps to develop the creativity and intelligence of children, skills in crafting and many other skills. If you have free time and do not have an idea of activities with your child, making paper crafts is simple. It is another activity that the parents can spend time with their children.


Finally, I wanna tell you that taking care of the kids in this generation is not easy because they have born in the generation of Ipad and fluctuated social with the rush culture. As I’m a parent, avoiding children to use technology is not the answer. The children are this generation have to know the digital skin in order to survive, the only thing that we can do is to set the clear rule for them about using these technologies.



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