Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Thomas Town, Barney, Bob The Builder And Pingu. All In Malaysia

Not too far from LEGOLAND, there is a place named “Sanrio Hello Kitty Town”. It takes just 10-15 minutes from LEGOLAND, taking taxi for 10 Ringgit or 100 baht.

The first time I heard about Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, I wonder how comes it located in Malaysia hahaha, however, it is 🙂 The Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is not has only Sanrio cartoon character but there also has other character such as Thomas Town, Barney, Bob the Builder and Pingu.

Buying ticket before attend, after that we search for the show time before going to play.

Start with Kitty town 🙂

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town holds the buildings, actually it so good because there are many activities for children such as cookie baking, art, craft and Hello kitty house. Before attend, you need to stamp passport first. 1 Person for 1 round only.

Atmosphere of Hello Kitty house

Barney is so cute 🙂

There also has a Barney show, don’t miss !

Thomas Town is really fun, the town is located in the top of building

This zone is like Funarium in Thailand

For more about Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, I will show more in another blog. I spend haft of the day at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and have lunch at restaurant in front of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. The building has stores, pharmacy and restaurant. After that I get back to the hotel by taxi.

Let’s see more about Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in the video below


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