Who says Macao is not for the kids?! EP. 1

Macao is one of the desirable destinations. It is not too far from Thailand, taking on the plane only 2 hours. Who says Macao is not for the kids? Macao also has something to entertain the family with kids. Our family spent 5 days on this backpack trip. We departed from 22-23 December 2018 by Air Asia flight.

Day 1: Bangkok → Macao International Airport

We departed from Bangkok with an approximately 10 o’clock flight. When we arrived at Macao, we left our luggage at the hotel first. While getting off the plane and leaving the airport to get a taxi, I wanted to complain a bit that calling a cab to go to the hotel was very difficult. It was not only that the driver could not speak English, but he also did not understand our hotel’s name and pictures! I really wanted to scream! On the other hand, he might do not want to go in my direction. I called 5 taxis at the taxi pick up point, none of them agreed to my request. What happened? Finally, I needed to ask someone who can speak Chinese for a favor. I want to suggest you prepare Chinese information as well.

On the way to Senado Square, there are many animal patterns and city symbols on the street surface. Deedy loved them very much. She asked me to take a lot of photos.

We were hungry while walking along the road. I led my family to try the well-known menu that can find around Macao. It called Macao style Hot Pot Bowl cooked with braised cow offal. We could add meatballs, vegetables, or any preferred ingredients. There were many types of sauces as same as levels of spicy. I think it had a good taste and made us full for a long moment. Hot Pot Bowl restaurant usually located in a small alley around Senado Square.

Traveling during the festival was quite a bit crowded. The road in this road leads to the Ruins of St. Paul’s Church Door. On both sides of the street, there are many famous snacks and souvenirs.

December, there was Macao Light Festival 2018. They set light projection mapping starting 7-10 pm. The festival arranged in old cities and the landmarks. Ruins of St. Paul’s also one of them.  

How about it? Is this festival beautiful? Visiting Macao this time, we could enjoy these fabulous lights!

The glittering tunnel at Senado Square

Senado Square, Macau City Center Square, arranged beautiful lights.

Many famous brand stores at Senado Square have reduced product prices. It seemed like paradise for a shopaholic.

For the first day of our family, we took the children to walk, eat, and watch the lights indefinitely. When the evening came, we brought them back to the hotel.

Day 2: Chan Kong Kei → Macao Science Center

Here we go, Macao! This picture is very cool! Behind us is the Grand Lisboa Hotel.

This is recommended! Don’t miss it when you visit Macao. They said this restaurant offers an incredibly delicious meal, especially for chicken and duck. Chan Kong Kei is famous for serving egg Noodles, roasted duck, roasted goose, roasted red pork, and crispy pork. This is highly famous for both tourists and Macao people. I can guarantee that it is very yummy! Usually, this shop has a long queue, but we were lucky. It might be that we came early, so we didn’t have to wait in line.

Do not forget the wipes when you travel with kids!

We started our breakfast with chicken, roasted red pork, and crispy pork.

The vegetables were also crispy and tasty.

Everyone could enjoy the meal, both adults and kids. Louvre ate only crispy pork skin. ^__^

After finishing the meal, I took children to visit Macao Science Center. I believed every kid could stay here all day long. Actually, it took about 2-3 hours to walk around. The center was separated into 14 divisions from 5 floors. Here is an exhibition of science shows for children to learn efficiently and enjoyably. Before entering, we have to buy the ticket directly at the ticket counter, right in front of the entrance.

They were traveling in space.

Macao Science Center, opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00-18:00 hrs.

This is the Space Science Zone.

Louvre, my boy, had so much fun.

Robotics Zone.

Acoustics Zone is about audio.

Sports Challenge Zone.

In the last zone, small children can come in to play but have to pay an additional card fee of 10 MOP for 50 minutes. This science center is not only suitable for children, but adults can come to have fun and learn together with children. Besides, if anyone is hungry, there is a McDonald’s in the Science Center as well.

We left the science center at dusk. Unfortunately, it was raining, so we brought our children to have dinner and go back to the hotel. It was heavy and non-stop rain until we could not continue our plan. 

On the way back to the hotel, there was a show, so I took a snap for your guys. Almost every hotel in Macao, you will find their lobby beautifully decorated to attract tourists. Besides, each hotel has a mall and a casino. We shall not mention a casino because this trip we have the kids…

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