When The Baby Is Cold, Bath With Onions To Relieve Cold Symptoms.

Nowadays have a frequent colds. Grandmother told us to use a Thai home remedy. Smash a red onions. And soaked in warm water to bath “Louvre” my baby

✔Onion can help for colds for baby. From the information that I find. It said In onion have a “Allylic disulfides oil” which has the property of essential oils. Good to Treatment of cold without fever. Allylic disulfides oil has an anti-inflammatory effect. Expectorate, Antibacterial and diuretic. These properties of the onion has been used to treat colds from the past grandparents to the present. Without any danger for Baby. The onions treatment are very good in Newborn baby to 3 years old, Louvre is not yet 3 years old, let do it. Adult also can use too. But the amount of onions may be used a lot.

✔How to do it take onions 1 handful, peeled off, Wash and disinfect, then smash and mixed in warm water to take a bath. Volatile oil from onion it helps to breathe. Do every time when you shower to baby, that’s a pretty good result. In addition, the onion can be wrapped in a clean cloth and then placed on the head of the bed while sleeping. Allow the child to smell the aroma of onion. Reduce cold, nasal congestion and Runny nose

Also said that the onion is comparable to the use of chlorophyll and without any side effects (Chlorpheniramine is yellow anti-allergy pills, this drug is mixed in the formulation with cold medicine and antipyretics.)

⚠Ref. Herbal Information Office.

Faculty of Pharmacy. Mahidol University

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