When My Kid Requested To Go To ‘Siam Serpentarium’

I asked my kids “Where do you wanna go this weekend?” and they answered “We want to see the snakes again,mummy”. It seems they like them so much, anyways let’s go there.

Actually, I like the way this place organized, It is decorated with modern colorful colors. That’s why kids like it. So, I’am talking about Siam Serpentarium which is the interactive learning center. At first, I don’t think that there will be anything interesting in the snakes museum, but Siam Serpentarium it’s not like a normal musuem at all.

This time, I will be your guide visiting around Siam Serpentarium.

Siam Serpentarium has very creative design. They take every single detail about the snake as a gimmick, the knowledge that they present is not too theoretical as well, I like everything here because the kids can learn about the snake’s biology through their 5 senses, experience the wonders of snakes lives and this place is divided into zones which is easy for me to tell them the stories.

Let’s take a look of the first zone….. “Immersive Snake Museum”

In this zone, we will see the world’s through the snake’s vision, will venture through an interactive forest environment and learn the lowdown on serpents. An amazing array of fascinating displays will engross you in all the sensational details. There will be an expert giving you a lecture throughout the pathway; how they are born, hunt, survive, and reproduce which I do not know before.

There is a technology called “Mapping” which show us the moving snakes on the ground.

We are watching how snakes do hunting

This is a model of Rattlesnake ….. It’s simulates the shaking action so that the kids can imagine how they ring the bell on their tail.

Learning about the snakes scale

He looks so curious.

Seeing how the snakes move, snake’s wiggle

And this is the time when we walked into the snake’s mount, we can feel the smooth texture when we step on. There will be an expert giving you the knowledge about the snake’s body beginning from head to toe.

The expert also explain, how can snakes eat a whole pig even it has small mouth.

The answer of this question is , snakes have 2 joints between their upper and lower jaws, therefore they can open their mouth wider than other animals that have only one joint.

My daughter is curious about the snake life.

Snake Planet zone
In this zone you can meet amazing snake species which come face to face with over 70 fascinating species of snake from every corner of the globe witness the biggest, longest, most exotic and the most exciting such as Anaconda, the rare Golden snakes. The snakes will be inside the glass case so that you can be sure about the safety.

I always teach them throughout the way, I also teach my kids how to cope with the snake when they see it outside.

The expert will explain about the snake species along the way through, you can her if you have any question.

They are so excited when they see the snakes.

A Green Anaconda, ‘He just ate 2 ducks’ the expert said. I believed her because I can notice from his body.

This is the grey boa.

This is the white boa.

This is Olives Python, its skin is so shiny when reflects the light.

There is a transparent glass ground.

This room showed the snake’s egg, if you lucky you will see the snakes hatching.

This is the ‘Snake Bite First Aids’ board. The expert will explain, what you should do and should not do when snakes bite.

The Naka Theatre
This is the breathtaking snake sound & light extravaganza by stunning audiovisual performances in the theater. You will be transported through space and time as exotic Thai tales about mankind and snakes unfold. You will grip the edge of your seat in sheer. This zone can extent their imagination through 3 dimensions tales.

This is snake poisoning demonstration.

‘Duang Kaew Manee’ Show

Take a photo after the show ended

Finally, before we leaved, we went to a souvenir shop. There is also a small cafe that serves you food and beverage. Is the whether is not too hot. You can take the children to the outdoor snake maze playground. And that’s all for today’s review.

To go to Siam Serpentarium, it is located on Lad-Krabang district, nearby the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The ticket fees; 350฿ for adults, 150฿ for children (90-135 cm. height), fees free for children under 90 cm. height and elderly above 60.


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