Solve The Aggressive Habit During Terrible Twos

is the family. In the house they may hurt people in the family, Pretend pet or destroy when he reaches school age, he may hurt or annoy a friend. The result will be back to the children themselves. No friends are nearby. Or want to play with him because aggressive behavior is not welcome in society.

Our baby is always cute. Until 2 years old, why become aggressive children. Are Parents have heard “terrible twos”? 2 year old child typically aggressive as usual. Do not panic that our children will be like this forever. It just only the development of his own. Because of this, your child is developing his identity. Think of yourself as the center of the universe. It will take 4-5 years to disappear for most children,

✔From My Experience. When they grow up, they will really well

So Why they aggressive? The key is to be angry. Think that what do to make them angry? Offend, being scolded, jealous or Not hauntingly. The parents who angry or aggressive, the child will be followed. Because they imitate from parent do. Or they has inherited genetics directly

An Aggressive children is not happy. Because they can’t control their emotion. Don’t know how to find the right solution when they get Problem. Then frustrated, show off the emotional aggression. Don’t let them be. Children will grow up to be unhappy, and People around him will accept them difficult.

What would you do to break the aggression

▪Avoid situations that make the Children aggressive. If they start to argue with brethren. Divert attention to other or split him out.

▪Tell they that their mother does not like him showing aggressive behavior like screaming, throwing things, etc., let them know that doing this is not acceptable.

▪the mother must be consistent. The children will not be confused by the rules given to them.

▪Do not use violence or punishment. The way to separate him to calm the mood first and then talk

▪In Peaceful time. Talk to them. Tell them that you understand that people are angry, but it must be appropriate

▪Tell the child to prepare in advance when you want them to do something such as 10 minutes to quit playing time to eat, sleep, etc., the child will be better to order or scold him to stop playing now.

▪Try not to get aggressive media on the radio, game, clips, etc.

▪Parents or family members must be good role models, not aggressive. Do not solve the problem with emotion.

▪don’t aliment children with dictatorships or forced too

▪love, gentle warmth, reduce aggression in children.

▪Don’t indulgent, and be flexible.

▪compliment children when they do not use emotions solve problems

▪Teach them to apologize for the time he showed the aggression.

▪Get them a reward when they are a good boy, better development or reduce aggression.

▪Let the children have fun and play workout full. This will help to reduce aggressive. Because they give all power to play out.

If Parents do the best, but the children still aggressive or the behavior is not common, you should consult a doctor. There may be other hidden issues such as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) hyperactive or some brain disease is possible. But not worry too much. Because we have to give some time to treat. Gradually observe the change of the children.

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