RSV Bad Virus To The Baby. Very Common In Infants And Young Children.

Many of mother have heard the RSV.   In the day when the weather changes, the sun is raining, it makes the baby more vulnerable to RSV infection, but just don’t worried about it. First, Let came to know about this disease

What is RSV

A virus that causes respiratory illness especially in young children. This virus can cause Pneumonitis due to the pathology in bronchiole and alveolus that Make Secretion such as phlegm in plenty and bronchial contraction due to swelling of the lining of the bronchial and Respiratory tract. RSV infection found in all ages but it is very common in children and infants, who are often severe and have complications.

Causes of RSV infection

RSV infection from respiratory infections such as coughing, sneezing from person to person by touching dust of mucus from other patients. And incubation period is approximately 2-7 days, averaging 4 days, and can be severe to be pneumonia and asthma

Symptoms of RSV infection

From snot, coughing, sneezing and low fever, depending on the individual’s immunity, especially young children will have symptoms of pneumonia easier. Have a quick breathing, exhausted sometime they breathe like “”whee” If it is more, there will be respiratory failure such as funnel chest, restless, saturnine and inedible. The infection spread for about 3-8 days, most of the first 3-4 days, through secretions such as snot / saliva. The child with RSV can be repeated several times throughout life. But symptoms will be less when the children older

How to prevent RSV infection

In Thailand, there are no vaccines against the RSV virus, So Children are at increased risk for the spread of the virus, especially in places where children are living, such as schools or nursery. What will help your child not to get sick from this disease is to have a healthy body and know how to avoid risk of infection in the following ways.

– Wash your hands often after activities. Or before eating

– Abstain from crowded places such as schools, nursery

– Cleaning toys

– Patients must wear a face mask when coughing or sneezing to prevent infection. Or to go to a place where people are crowded.

In addition to the protection methods. If the baby is sick. Should to see the doctor to check the body. When children get this virus must be treated symptomatically such as beware lack of water because it will make the mucus thick and lung infection may require the use Nebulization with Oxygen to Bronchial expansion. Take a drugs to reduce fever symptoms every 4-6 hours with wipes the body to reduce fever, take a rest. The body will recover slowly in about 7-14 days. After get well, Bronchus and bronchiole alveolus will be easily inflamed when the new infection, so parents have to take special care of food and exercise in the changing weather

It is important to separate children from normal children in order to prevent the spread of infection to people around them. If children start nursery or school. Parents should let children stop learning at least 1-2 weeks until they are normal.

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