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How To Choose The First Pair Of Baby Shoes ?

The first time your baby always important. “Shoes” as well, when the baby starts to stand and walking, the selection of special pair of shoes for your children has begins. Because the shoes are many, many brands. So we will take this as a basis to choose it.

Fit to Foot

The size of a children’s shoe may vary by brand and manufacturer, and sometimes the size in the shoe label will quite wide range. Measure the length of the foot is an important start.

Measure Foot length

Let the children stand on paper for the true foot length. Mark a line in toe and heel, measure with a measuring tape or ruler to get the true foot length. For size of the shoes, choosing the length of the shoes longer than the actual foot about 1.0-1.5 cm for children to wear comfortable shoes are not tight or too loose.

After the measure, Try to wear is the best way to know that shoes fit to your children’s foot or not. Try to catch the shoes If there have a convex part is tight, or if the easy to take off is loose. The result is that children have to tense their feet while walking. In the children starts walking. It should be noted their walk too.

Good Quality Materials.

The material of the shoe is important thing too, which must be Good ventilation, Should choose materials made of quality fabrics, which will help to drain when the children sweating. Light weight, do not choose shoes that are made of heavy materials, which can cause the children fall easily. The shoe soles soft for protection against injury, But it should not be too thick or too thin. And should check the exquisite tailoring. No Seamless or hard edges. The Children can have sore feet and bruise from the satire of shoes.

In addition, mothers should avoid Sandals because it difficult to balance and knee pain, which may lead to problems in the knee of the children in the future.

The care of children’s shoes is important, sterilize by sun. Before you put on a shoe for your children, always check the inside of the shoe that there are insects attached. And always check the length of the children’s foot and buy a new one to more comfortable

Choosing a good shoes will help promote your children’s significant development, as it will help keep the walking safe and help protect the vital organs like foot. In addition, Choose designs and colors that your children like can make them want to wear shoes, then every walking will be pace of happiness for your children

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