8 Household Remedies For The Baby

The necessity for taking care the baby is to prepare the Household remedies available at all times because you never know when your baby will be sick. So you should be prepared and prepare the Household remedies ready.

List of drugs. As follows:

1. Painkiller and Antiflatulents

Mahahing is drug used for external treatment. The baby and young children can be safely used on the abdomen around the navel or on the palm of their feet by use the abdomen around the navel or palm and feet. Because in the Mahahing have contains essential oils that help stimulate the movement of the digestive tract and make children feel more comfortable stomach. The medication to relieve flatulence is a drug that is sodium bicarbonate or Simethicone syrup.

 2. The drug of diaper rash treatment

Diaper rash is to let the child wear diapers that are damp or dirty for too long, It causes baby’s skin irritation and inflammation from ammonia and bacteria in the urine and faeces. It can also be caused by wet tissue with perfume, Laundry products include disposable diapers. For diaper rash, there are many brands. Before using with the baby, you should test the allergies in each brand.

3. Medication for insect bites.

When children are bitten by insects, Most of the inflammation of the skin causes swelling or itching. So the drug used to relieve the symptoms should be used as a child wax or Antipruritic drug.

4. Whisk or Eucalyptus Oil

When the weather changes frequently and our children are unable to adjust their physical condition, it results in nasal congestion, Runny nose, Breathing is not easy, especially when sleeping. You should have whiskeys or eucalyptus oils in your home if needed. But Whisk or Eucalyptus Oil should not be applied directly to the surface of the baby. It is recommended to use the clothes to baby got the smell Soft enough.

5. Mineral salt for children

Children with diarrhea may be caused by eating food or unclean water. Usually, diarrhea can be cured without medication but in some cases, it should be given to children to prevent dehydration. This mineral does not help to cure diarrhea, but it helps to increases the energy and minerals that the body loses from excretion.

6. Aspirin and Paracetamol for children

For young children should be given หweet potion Or mixed syrup to reduce hot body symptoms or fever. It is important to read the lottery bottle as well because in each age range as well as body weight, there are different dosages.

7. Medicine for bruises and hot – cold compress gel

Having a medication or hot-cold compress gel is essential Because When the baby falls down. The cold compress will help reduce swelling and bruises do not spread wide. If don’t have, you can use the ice wrap to compress the wound of your children or use a drug that relieves the bruise directly for children.

8. Saline solution, Betadine, and Bandage

When the baby hurts in an emergency, the wound is not very deep but bleeds. Equipment in the treatment of fresh wounds is necessary, whether Saline. Alcohol, Betadine, Cotton, Bandage, etc. and you must always check the date of manufacture and the expiration date on your medicine and equipment regularly.

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